Poll: Tennessee Residents Favor Expanded Wind Energy

A new poll in Tennessee indicates that residents support increased use of wind energy by a 12-to-1 margin. The random poll of 1,047 registered voters was done by Telephone Strategies Group on June 5 and 6.

The pole found 12 times as many residents support wind energy as those who oppose it, with 75 % of residents supporting the increased use of wind power in Tennessee; 78% of respondents are aware that Tennessee ranks near the bottom of states that produce wind energy; among those with an opinion, 82% believe wind energy is a viable source of pollution-free electricity in Tennessee.

“This poll clearly indicates the people of Tennessee support wind energy and they see it as a viable way to help the state access energy and reduce pollution,” said Karl Eiermann, plant manager for the Buffalo Mountain Wind Energy Center located near Oliver Springs, Tennessee. “The residents of Tennessee are saying ‘yes’ to more wind power.”

As of May 2007, the Buffalo Mountain Wind Energy Center had produced 30 months of pollution-free electricity for Tennessee. This electricity, 133 million kilowatt-hours, would have otherwise emitted approximately 50 million pounds of carbon if produced by a typical fossil-fueled power plant in Tennessee. The Buffalo Mountain Wind Energy Center is owned and operated by Invenergy Wind LLC.

Foundedin 1998 in Raleigh, North Carolina, Telephone Strategies Group is a Midwest-based company with extensive experience in political campaigns, trade associations and corporations.  

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