Playa Vista Takes Step in Becoming EV Community

Playa Vista has selected DaimlerChrysler, its Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) subsidiary and eMotion Mobility to develop a zero-emission vehicle mobility system.

PLAYA VISTA, California – June 3, 2002 [] This program, which aims to have electric vehicles as the dominant mode of transportation at Playa Vista, envisions the wide use of GEM neighborhood electric vehicles for passenger and utility purposes, as well as zero-emission trams to canvass the Playa Vista property. A fleet of electric city cars based on the MCC smart City-Coupe to be available on a per-trip basis for regional use by residents and business tenants is also planned. The Playa Vista mobility program is designed to encourage carpooling, ridesharing, car-sharing, bicycling and the use of mass transit options to reduce vehicle emissions locally and throughout the region. “Our vision is to have electric vehicles as the dominant form of transportation at Playa Vista,” said Playa Vista President Steve Soboroff. “We want our residents to be able to keep their gas guzzler in the garage and use electric vehicles for trips within Playa Vista and throughout the greater Southern California area. Our goal is for the place to be dotted, not just with electric cars but also with electric postal vehicles, flat-bed delivery trucks, and emergency vehicles.” Playa Vista’s mobility team will be led by GEM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler. Atlanta-based eMotion Mobility’s role is to provide the telematics, management and reservation systems for the mobility program as well as the smart electric vehicles used in the car-sharing program. Neighborhood electric vehicles are expected to be available for sale to residents, with financing through home mortgages being one option under consideration and for rental through the Internet or a toll-free telephone number. “Electric vehicles are a part of cutting edge technology that provides smart alternatives and enhances environmental quality by reducing emissions that contribute to urban smog, air toxics and global warming,” said Mayor Jim Hahn. “The City of Los Angeles is keeping up with this technology, with our electric vehicle program and electric shuttle. The city’s environmentally responsible policies and visionary leaders like Playa Vista are demonstrating that technology is a powerful tool for developing sustainable communities. By investing in sustainability today, we are protecting our community for future generations.” Playa Vista is located on 1,086 acres between Marina del Rey, Westchester and Playa del Rey. The new Westside community will provide critically needed housing, commercial office space, neighborhood shopping and hundreds of acres of restored wetlands and parks. The project is committed to sustainable development, and has been recognized as one of five P.A.T.H. (Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing) communities in the United States.
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