Pennsylvania Uses Earth Energy to Halve Energy Costs

The Pennsylvania Governor’s Green Government Council has released its fourth annual ‘Green Plan’ which highlights the newest green building of the Department of Environmental Protection, the Cambria County District Mining Office in Ebensburg.

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, US, 2001-11-22 [] The 34,500-square-foot building combines ground-source heating and cooling with a raised-access flooring system and a high-performance thermal envelope. In eight months from last November to of this year, energy bills “were less than half the average cost per square foot compared with offices in the northeastern United States,” says secretary David Hess. Pollution prevention and energy conservation projects from 39 state agencies and Commissions are covered in the Green Plan, which shows that “pollution prevention and energy efficiency can be accomplished at all levels, from state government to local governments to individual Pennsylvanians,” adds Hess.
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