Partnership to Integrate Fuel Cell Inverter with Utility Grid

A developer of solid oxide fuel cells, Global Thermoelectric Inc of Canada, has signed a letter of intent with Advanced Energy Systems Ltd of Australia, to develop power electronics and control technologies for Global’s distributed energy products.

TORONTO, Ontario, CA, 2001-01-14 [] Fuel cells produce DC electricity which, to be used in a home, must be transformed into AC, which is done by the AES inverter system. Global and AES intend to work together to integrate the AES inverters and Global’s microprocessor-based fuel cell controls, into a single power electronics solution. The integrated electronics package will allow the fuel cell system to interface with the grid, which Global says is a key element in the drive to successfully penetrate the residential market. “With AES as our partner, we expect to make rapid progress towards reducing the size and cost of fuel cell electronics, allowing us to offer competitive power solutions,” says Global CEO Jim Perry. AES says its current inverter technology has one of the highest conversion efficiencies in excess of 90 percent, and offers an integrated system with grid parallel capability. Its High Power Density Inverter development program is leveraging its current product and technology expertise to create modular systems that will be scaled to meet Global’s products. Global will invest US$400,000 in AES to co-fund the project, subject to specific technical milestones. It will be granted a preferred manufacturing status by GLE, which intends to purchase 40 fuel cell power conditioners from AES this year. New intellectual property realized through the collaboration between Global and AES will be jointly owned.
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