Partnership Taps Wave Power and Tidal Stream

[] A development agreement has been signed between Woodshed Technologies, Lloyd Energy Systems and SMEC Developments. These three Australian companies will work to jointly develop and implement combined Tidal Delay/ Lloyd Energy Storage System projects in a variety of international locations. Lloyd Energy Systems specializes in high capacity energy storage technology. Energy from thermal and electrical sources is stored in the Lloyd Energy Storage System and released as electricity to the network grid exactly as required on demand. Output may also be released as heat, hot water and steam. The LES will store and regulate the output of all Tidal Delay plants. SMEC Developments is a unit of the international engineering group, the SMEC Group of Companies. SMEC Developments will design and construct all combined Tidal Delay/ Lloyd Energy Storage System projects. SMEC Developments will also work with local country engineers in the design and construction phases of these plants.
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