Partnership Taps Solar Energy and Building

Eco-Build, a Boulder-based green building materials firm has joined with Altair Energy of Golden, to provide complete grid-tied and battery backup solar electric photovoltaic (PV) systems to residential and commercial customers throughout Colorado. Grid-tied PV systems generate clean electricity and reduce reliance on centralized utility power.

Boulder, Colorado – February 4, 2004 [] As an Authorized Service Provider to Altair Energy, Eco-Build conducts site visits, prepares proposals and undertakes complete systems installation and commissioning. Eco-Build is also available to work with architects and builders interested in incorporating PV into their new or retrofit construction projects. The company, in partnership with Altair Energy, provides customer financing, as well as a five-year service plan. Combining Altair Energy’s long-term experience in designing PV systems with Eco-Build’s ability to market and install solar electric systems makes the decision to go solar that much easier for Colorado homeowners and businesses said EcoBuild Managing Partner David Adamson. Using financing available through the partnership, a typical homeowner could offset half their electricity needs for an additional $75.00 per month by purchasing a PV system. Founded in 1999, Eco-Build offers a wide range of green building products for architects, builders, and homeowners across Colorado. EcoBuild has successfully helped commercialize other innovative technologies in Colorado’s building market such as composite decking, pop bottle carpeting, bamboo flooring, low toxic pressure treated lumber, sustainably-harvested lumber and cork flooring. Over the past few months, Eco-Build has sold 4 systems including one to Dave Houghton, President of Resource Engineering Group, a Crested Butte-based energy and structural engineering firm who purchased a 1.3 kW system sufficient to power about 40% of his electrical load. “EcoBuild saved us time by assembling a great package of proven components at a fair price,” Houghton said. Another system was sold to Arlene and Steve Coulton, Highland Ranch homeowners who decided to provide their family’s entire energy needs with a 6 kW PV system. “I’m an old hippie who wants to conserve resources”, Colton said. “But we also calculated that by avoiding utility costs completely, we will make a 7% return on our money. That’s pretty good today and will improve with likely rate increases.” Altair Energy has long been active in the Colorado PV market. Having worked with McStain Builders to incorporate PV systems into new home construction and with Xcel to bring PV systems to twenty-nine public schools, Altair Energy is now looking to expand its presence in the Colorado renewable energy market. “Colorado’s atmospheric conditions are excellent for solar power production”, said Richard Eidlin Altair’s Strategic Accounts Manager. “The Colorado building industry has an increasingly strong interest in green materials and renewable energy”. Several Colorado municipal and non-governmental building programs currently provide incentives for the broader use of PV, such as Aspen’s Solar Pioneer Program, Boulder’s Green Points program and The Metro Denver Home Builder’s Association Built Green Program.
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