Partnership for Solar Off-Grid Community

April 29, 2004 [] PerfectPower has been named as a Development Partner by 66GreenWood, the owners and developers of the GreenWood Village Solar Community in northwestern Arizona, the nation’s first privately-financed off-grid solar community located in Northwestern Arizona. PerfectPower will play a more active role as a project coordinator while integrating the renewable energy products and systems, architecture and community development in the process of developing a sustainable community. The primary power source for GreenWood homes is photovoltaic, solar electric power. Equipment and systems are scalable so that a family can have a second home, retirement home or operate a small off grid business using cell phone and satellite technology. Two hours from Las Vegas, and less than one from the Colorado River communities, GreenWood is billed as a mountain retreat and/or primary residence for home owners who are ready to give up their utility bills for a better lifestyle. Eight lots have been sold out of the first phase’s 188, 5 to 7 acre high chaparral forested lots. Home construction is expected to begin early summer. GreenWood will include a total of 520 lots at build out.
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