Partnership for Hydrogen Fuel Storage

September 17, 2003 [] In Alberta, Canada, Stuart Energy Systems Corporation and Dynetek Industries have signed a partnership agreement relating to the supply by Dynetek of stationary hydrogen storage systems for Stuart Energy’s Hydrogen Energy Station (HES) product line. To date, Stuart Energy has integrated Dynetek’s hydrogen storage cylinders in all of its installed HES systems used for fueling and power applications. Dynetek’s stationary storage cylinders are currently internationally certified to operate at a nominal working pressure of up to 5,000psi (350bar). In addition Dynetek has developed a 12,500psi (825bar) hydrogen cylinder for stationary storage to be used in conjunction with its 10,000psi (700bar) cylinder for on-vehicle storage. The Stuart Energy HES is a hydrogen infrastructure product which is comprised of up to five core modules, including hydrogen generation, compression, storage, fuel dispensing and/or power generation.
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