Pacific Power Orders $35 M Sol-X2 Concentrator Solar Modules

Silicon Valley (SV) Solar secured a 10-megawatt (MW) $35-million purchase order for its Sol-X2 internal concentrator solar modules, which are high-efficiency, low-cost flat-plate modules that will be delivered to Pacific Power Management of Auburn, California, beginning in Q1 2008 over three years.

“We’re impressed with the module technology from SV Solar,” said Mark Frederick of Pacific Power Management. “We like the fact that they perform as well as or even better than traditional flat plate modules, while seamlessly integrating into our existing racking systems.” Sol-X2 modules require less than half the number of solar cells compared to traditional solar modules, while producing equivalent or even higher power output. Solar cells currently account for up to 75% of the total module cost, and with the current shortage of refined silicon, are a limiting factor on the total production of solar modules. Since Sol-X2 uses a proprietary internal concentrator, the modules are dimensionally equivalent to standard flat-plate modules and don’t require a complex tracking mechanism. The “compatible” form-factor of these modules enables traditional installation, and the lack of moving parts provides long-term reliability.
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