Oxford University Retains Large Green Power Supply

Oxford University is to continue purchasing ‘green’ carbon emission-free electricity for its major supply of power when the current contract expires at the end of March, following a tendering process with a range of suppliers. The University has been cited as the eighth largest purchaser of renewable energy in Europe and the fourth largest in the UK.

The University’s Council earlier this week accepted recommendations from the Buildings and Estates Sub-Committee that it should opt for the best value ‘green’ supply for the Science Area and buildings with over 100 kW supply for a further year, and also for supplies under 100 kW for the next two years. The annual electricity supply for the University will cost an estimated GBP 3.1 million (US$ 5.9 million). This constitutes a cost increase of 46 per cent for the Science Area and over 100kW supply, and a 31 per cent increase for the supply under 100kW, based on the current price and usage. “The University has been a champion of ‘green’ electricity, and we are therefore pleased that we are able to continue to purchase our power from renewable sources,” David Holmes, Registrar of the University said. “At a time of significant financial constraint within the university sector it was only prudent to properly evaluate tenders from a range of possible suppliers, rather than simply commit to ‘green’ electricity at any cost.” The current volatility of the energy market means that the University has decided to take out contracts for one year (for the over 100 kW supply) and two years (for the under 100 kW supply) in order to assess the market over the coming months, according to Holmes.
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