OxBlue Introduces Solar-Ready Construction Webcams

OxBlue is now offering a line of professional grade solar-ready construction webcams and solar power stations to run them. The new units provide the same high-definition image capabilities of the popular OxBlue construction cameras.

The solar offering has been designed for transportation to remote sites and simple installation. The solar power stations provide digital readouts on system status and performance. They are comprised of battery banks managed by an automated charge controller system. The unit is housed in a pole-mountable, lockable aluminum enclosure, with lightning protection and circuit-breakers for both the solar array and battery banks.

“We’ve seen an increase in customer demand for solar systems, in tandem with an ever-increasing use of construction cameras. We felt that it was time to develop a truly integrated solar-ready camera solution,” said Chandler McCormack, CEO of OxBlue. “We wanted to standardize the system, to take the guess-work out of solar performance, reliability and pricing.”

For more information about the OxBlue solar-ready camera, click here.

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