OutBack Power Announces ETL Listing for FX2000 Inverter/Charger

OutBack Power Systems, a leading innovator in power conversion technology, has received its first listing to UL 1741 by ETL Testing Laboratories for the new FX2000 inverter/charger system.

Arlington, Washington – September 25, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The OutBack FX2000 is a 2000 watt continuous rated modular sine wave inverter/charger which can be used for both small and large power systems. The FX2000 features low idle power consumption and high power conversion efficiency, which is very important for Renewable Energy applications. Each FX2000 is a complete power conversion system – a DC/AC inverter, battery charger and an AC transfer switch system integrated together as one system component. The FX2000 incorporates a unique die-cast aluminum, sealed housing, which keeps the electronic components cool while protecting them from the major causes of inverter failure – corrosion, dust, insect and animal damage – even temporary submersion and pressure washing. The modular feature of the FX2000 allows up to eight units to be connected together in combinations of parallel (120 VAC), series (120/240 VAC), or three-phase (120Y208 VAC). “The OutBack FX2000 introduces the next generation of power conversion technology to the Renewable Energy market,” said Christopher Freitas of OutBack Power. “The extremely rugged construction, field serviceability and the modular, fault-tolerant design will allow for higher system performance and reliability — all critical for the success of Renewable Energy technologies.” ETL Testing Laboratories, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, is authorized by OSHA to conduct safety testing and provide product listings and is comparable to Underwriters Laboratories. The FX2000 is listed under UL 1741, “Inverters for Use in Independent Power Systems” by ETL. The operation of one or multiple FX2000s can be programmed and monitored by the “MATE” – OutBack’s system control and display unit. The OutBack MATE also allows the system users to monitor the performance of the FX2000 while providing a simple, single-screen display of the system’s status and operation using words and symbols. A personal computer, using third party software, can be connected to the MATE to allow monitoring of the system and for remote control. The FX2000 is available from all major Renewable Energy product distributors throughout North America. Energy Outfitters, an OutBack distributor in Grants Pass, Oregon, will host OutBack’s first factory-trained technician Tech Forum October 17-18. The training will include programming, troubleshooting and how to field service the FX2000 inverter/charger system.
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