OTB Solar Provides Solar Manufacturing System to South Korea

OTB Solar announces the successful installation of a 30 megawatt (MW) production line to KPE, a South-Korean solar cell manufacturing company. The line will increase the production capacity of KPE more than five times, the release claims, to meet increasing global solar energy demand. Total annual capacity of the new production line equals the yearly power consumption of 10,000 European households.

With the solar cell manufacturing (LINEx) production line, KPE obtains a fully automated turnkey solution for solar cell production starting with raw waver material and ending with sorted cells. According to the release, LINEx production lines make use of the latest and most sophisticated technology resulting in the highest process yields in the industry and minimal production costs since all production processes are fully automated. “Our LINEx production facility is the most advanced inline solar cell manufacturing equipment available,” said Chris Boomaars, CEO of OTB Solar, the Dutch manufacturer of solar cell equipment. “The new LINEx equipment enables KPE to produce solar cells at the lowest cost per MW with an improved product consistency and quality. With the significantly expanded production capacity KPE should be able to boost profitability and to capture a larger part of the promising Korean energy market in solar cells.” KPE is a subsidiary of Kyungdong, based in Changwon, South Korea.


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