On-site Hydrogen Production Next for BP Energy

July 26, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] A hydrogen fueling station along side regular gas pumps in Singapore was only the beginning for energy giant BP. They are trying to gather momentum in the fuel cell industry with plans to build a second hydrogen facility in China, and eventually replicate the technology across the country. Technology used for the second station should include on-site production of hydrogen through electrolysis, and a way to tap into the natural gas network so fuel can be reformed for hydrogen production. These solutions should help to keep costs down over all because they will eliminate the need to use trucks to transfer the gas, which is the standard energy consuming method of transporting fuels. BP already uses on-site technology at hydrogen fueling sites in Barcelona, Spain and Hamburg, Germany. The development of a fully functional fuel cell infrastructure is one of the key sticking points in the advancement of the technology, according to BP.
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