Omnik new energy successfully attend the 6th Renewable Energy India 2012 Expo

A few days ago, Suzhou Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd successfully attended the 6th Renewable Energy India 2012 Expo held in New Delhi, which is the biggest PV inverter exhibition in India. The Renewable Energy 2012 Expo was held in the Noida Exhibition Center on the suburban area of New Delhi on November 7-9, 2012. It attracted over 500 participants from more than 30 countries.


At the booth 3.65, hall 3 which is one of the main PV halls, Omnik New Energy attracted numerous participants and visitors with their concise structuring style. Omniksol-3k/4k/5k-TL and omnikhyd-3k/5k have no doubt been the most attractive part for visitors. In India, roof system mainly focuses on 3kW and 5kW systems. And, the off-grid system has been more and more important, which has been paid much more attention by installers and wholesalers.


During the Exhibition, Omnik participants made deep communications with local PV power inverter companies. Under the knowledge of market dynamics, we sincerely invite the clients to visit Omnik factory. Meanwhile, Omnik new energy made a draft cooperation plan with the famous local companies such as Moserbaer solar, TATA and Emmvee. Except the on-grid solar inverter and hybrid inverter, the upcoming new product DC-DC detect, micro inverter has also attracted a lot of attention.


As one of the most important role in the developing south Asia, India is a hotly contested spot, at the same time. The strict demand on price is undoubted driven up the limit of the entering. we expect the next leap made by Omnik.

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