Ohio University Licenses Ammonia-to-Hydrogen Technology

American Security Resources Corp. and Ohio University recently announced that American Hydrogen Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of ARSC, has been granted a worldwide exclusive license to commercialize the patent-pending catalytic electrolyzer technology.

Developed by Ohio University’s Dr. Gerardine Botte, associate professor of Chemical and Bio-Molecular Engineering at the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, the technology is reportedly able to produce hydrogen from ammonia for a fraction of the current commercial cost as a potential fuel source in a wide range of applications, including transportation and energy production.

“It is really amazing to see the ammonia electrolysis technology being taken into the market place; that is the dream of any investigator and faculty member,” said Dr. Botte.

Benjamin Schafer, president of American Hydrogen and CTO of Hydra Fuel Cell, added, “Our research indicates that we should be able to produce hydrogen commercially for significantly less per kilogram than by current industrial hydrogen production methods. We expect our first application to be a hydrogen generator for the HydraStax® fuel cells, but ultimately, we want this technology for economical hydrogen production to be widely distributed so as to unlock the promise of ‘The Hydrogen Economy.'” 

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