Ohio Municipal Utility Gets Serious about Solar and Energy Storage

A 7-MW solar plus energy storage system is now online in Minster, Ohio, the same town in which Dannon the yogurt company has a manufacturing plant.

The 7-MW system was built in conjunction with Half Moon Ventures (HMV) and the local municipal utility, the Village of Minster. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place on May 6.   

 HMV used S&C’s 7-MW PureWave SMS Storage Management System, which provided an integrated storage management and power conversion system for 3 MWh of lithium ion-batteries. The system is tied to HMV’s adjacent 4.2-MW solar plant, allowing Minster to further reduce its peak demand charges in the middle of the day. This solar + storage system is the largest U.S. facility of its kind connected through a municipal utility, according to S&C.

HMV and the Village of Minster will benefit from four unique revenue streams from the system. HMV will be able to sell into PJM’s frequency regulation market and the Village of Minster will use the energy storage system to defer $350,000 of T&D costs, improve power quality and shave peak demand.

 “This is a milestone day for our community as we mark the first time a municipal utility has combined solar power and energy storage,” said Don Harrod, Village Administrator, Village of Minster.

“Working with the Village of Minster, we have proven a very unique business model that will allow us to bring more solar and energy storage to public utilities,” said Michael Hastings, CEO, HMV who added that the “revenue stacking approach” is what makes energy storage projects viable.

S&C will also be providing ongoing operation and maintenance services for the facility.


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