Ohio Consumers to Get Help to Identify Green Power Suppliers

The Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (OCC) has signed a partnership agreement with a Nevada company to provide on-line information on electricity suppliers.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Wattage Monitor of Reno will launch the site early next month to allow consumers to calculate and compare prices, and to identify renewable energy sources in the state. The site will enable residential customers to obtain details on each supplier’s source of power, contract terms and conditions, and other options. Once consumers have finished the analysis to meet their specific needs, they will have the opportunity to enroll with an electric supplier on line. The electric market in Ohio was opened to competition this month, allowing consumers to choose their supplier. “Our number one priority is to educate consumers,” explains Robert Tongren of OCC. “By teaming up with Wattage Monitor, we will be able to provide residential consumers an easy way to compare the prices and services offered by electric suppliers so they can make the best choice.” Through the partnership, OCC continues its efforts to provide residential consumers with educational materials to make informed decisions about utilities and the choices available to them in a competitive marketplace. “We are particularly pleased to be working with the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel as Ohio adopts electric competition,” adds Gerald Alderson of Wattage Monitor. “For many years, the OCC has worked tirelessly to educate residential consumers about their utility choices as it strives to ensure high quality service at a reasonable cost.” The site will allow residential consumers to find suppliers that serve their area and to calculate and compare rates based on a list of criteria, such as renewable energy. Other fields will be Zip Code, current electricity supplier, and consumption (in kWh) during the past year. The consumer will then enter other options, such as length of contract, fixed monthly rate, and level of savings desired. OCC is a consumer advocate group that deals with publicly owned electric, natural gas, telephone and water utilities. Wattage Monitor is a nationwide service that offers residential and commercial consumers of electricity with services.

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