Inverter Manufacturer Recommends Action on SW Units

Xantrex Technology Inc has released special instructions for its dealers to address questions surrounding its Trace SW inverter.

Solar Energy

Briefly Noted ... Worldwide Renewable Energy News

Demand for Solar in Germany Prompts More Production

The high demand for solar power equipment has prompted Solar-Fabrik GmbH to open a second production facility in Freiburg.

Solar Water Pump Subsidy for Australian Outback

A multi-million dollar subsidy from the State of Queensland will be a large encouragement to the use of water pumping systems in Australia that powered by renewable energy.

AstroPower to Acquire Spanish PV Supplier

AstroPower will acquire Aplicaciones Tecnicas de la Energia, in order to expand its reach into the global market for solar electric power.

New Inverter Available for Distributed Generation

A Canadian company has started to deliver a 5 kilowatt inverter for use by fuel cells and solar electric facilities.

Solar to be Installed in Major U.S. Residential Project

At least 500 homes in a new California subdivision will be equipped with solar electric systems.

New PV Module Features Holographic Optics

A U.S. solar energy company has developed a photovoltaic module that combines holographic optics with conventional solar cell technology.

Joint Venture to Power World’s Largest Solar Plant

A $65 million solar electric power park will be built in Spain, and will cover an area equal to 57 soccer fields.

Solar Power Seeks a Place in the Sun

Why do we burn oil and split the atom at great risk to the planet when enough clean solar energy to power the world for 27 years falls from the sky every day? Three reasons really: 1. A daytime-only motor car with a roof the size of a swimming pool has limited market potential. 2. Static solar power costs many times more to generate than traditional grid sources. 3. The populations of areas with no access to electricity grids - solar power's most obvious market - are poor.