Oerlikon Solar Extends Thin Film Silicon Technology

Oerlikon Solar, global supplier of field-proven thin film production equipment, has introduced its transparent conductive oxide (TCO) 1200 coating plant to be built at ersol Thin Film GmbH in Erfurt, Germany.

This is the first solar factory for this new generation of light-transmitting layers that act as electrodes and “light traps” and are key components in thin film silicon modules. During the TCO process, the optical absorption of the TCO layer must be low and the light-trapping potential as high as possible.

Ultimately, these factors determine the performance of the solar modules and directly reduce the cost per watt peak.

“By introducing this unique TCO technology, we become the first-to-market and advance the performance of thin film silicon modules together with our customers,” said Dr. Uwe Kruger, chief executive officer of Oerlikon.

The TCO 1200 becomes part of the fully automated factory design FAB 1200 that allows Oerlikon Solar to integrate all production technologies and processes to create a turnkey solar factory. Oerlikon Solar, the only company to offer the combination of the TCO process step with its own production technology for solar modules of thin film silicon, expects production to start in August 2007.

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