Nuvera to Provide PowerTap Hydrogen Refueling System

Nuvera Fuel Cells will supply a PowerTap PTH-12 hydrogen refueling system to support fuel cell powered forklifts working indoors at the Raymond Corporation’s manufacturing facility in Greene, New York.

Beginning in 2007, the facility will become a “living lab” for hydrogen fuel cell modules powering Raymond forklifts. “The deployment of PowerTap PTH-12 with indoor dispensing represents a major step forward in the commercialization of hydrogen products for the material handling industry,” said Charlie Myers, Global Market Leader for PowerTap at Nuvera. The PowerTap PTH-12 is a cascade storage, compression and dispensing system, able to provide usable hydrogen either from a third-party gas distributor or from the Nuvera PowerTap hydrogen generation system. The compressor is a hydraulic intensifier that feeds the three-bank cascade storage/dispensing system at a peak operating pressure of 455 bar (6500 psig). The cascade, storage and dispense system provides a consistent fill pressure, up to 350 bar (5000 psi), with the average fill time for an industrial forklift taking under five minutes. “The Raymond Corporation is committed to researching the application of hydrogen as an alternate method for storing energy on its forklift equipment,” says Michael Field, Raymond Vice President, Research and Development.
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