Nuvera Ships 125-kW Forza Fuel Cell Power System

Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc. has shipped a 125-kilowatt (kW) (net) Forza Fuel Cell Power System to Sacre-Davey Innovations in North Vancouver, BC, Canada as part of the Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project (IWHUP).

The IWHUP is a multi-faceted, synergistic collaboration that will capture waste hydrogen, which is being produced by ERCO Worldwide’s local electro-chemical processing plant, and promote its use through the demonstration of infrastructure and applications. The project will run through 2008. Forza is Nuvera’s product family of large-scale hydrogen power systems. It is a scalable base-load system that converts excess hydrogen disbursed from chemical processing plants into DC electricity, which can then be used in the same facility in a Nuvera patented “closed-loop” fashion, to lower energy costs. This modular system has multi-megawatt capabilities and produces 100% pollution free electricity in parallel to the existing electric DC circuit. Nuvera and its technology and marketing partner, Uhdenora SpA, which handles design and implementation of industrial electrochemical plants, have developed Forza for the global chemical processing industry. “This installation of Forza will be the second validation test of the unit operating under real world conditions and on by-product hydrogen from a chemical processing plant,” said Prashant Chintawar, Executive Director of Marketing for Nuvera Fuel Cells.
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