NSP’s “Perfect Cell” Said To Harvest More Solar Energy

Taiwanese solar cell manufacturer Neo Solar Power (NSP) announced at Solar Power International 2009 that it has begun production shipment of 156mm full-square mono-crystalline solar cells, named “Perfect Cell.”

The company says that traditionally 156mm mono-crystalline solar cells are manufactured on “pseudo-square” wafers with the corners being cut off.  The cut-off corners result in a smaller area from which solar panels can capture sunlight.

Because they are perfect squares, NSP perfect cells offer panel-makers the ability to increase a panel’s active area by more than 3%, says the company, and thus increase the module efficiency. The company claims that on a 60-cell panel manufactured with NSP’s Perfect Cell, panel output can exceed 250W while traditional mono- or multi-cell modules are around 220W.

NSP says that its Perfect Cell has an average of 17.8% conversion efficiency and has extremely low LID (Light Induced Degradation), and a homogeneous dark appearance making it a “perfect choice” for system integrators to serve in both roof-top installations and BIPV applications.

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