Norwegian Solar Secures Partnership for Energy Storage with Battery Cell ‘Swapping’ Technology

Industrial lithium-ion energy storage provider PBES last week said it has signed a partnership agreement with Norwegian Solar AS for the supply of containerized storage solutions for deployment in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

Nils-Ivar Dyngeland, CEO and Founder of Norwegian Solar AS, said in a statement that the advantages of PBES’ CellSwap technology was one of the main drivers in its selection of the energy storage solution.

According to PBES, CellSwap allows users to retrofit energy storage systems by replacing battery cells, leaving the rest of the installation intact. PBES said that this approach also ensures users can take advantage of advancements in energy storage over the lifetime of the installation.

The company said that over the life of a stationary unit, the battery system would need to be replaced up to four times, or the battery would need a lifetime warranty. Re-coring the batteries and replacing the cells increases the performance with each “swap.”

Lead image credit: PBES

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