Northern Test for Honda Fuel Cells

[] Winter in Albany, New York is no mild affair, so the two Honda fuel cell vehicles leased by the state will get put to the cold weather test this season. Governor George Pataki and President of American Honda Koichi Kondo announced the lease of two Honda FCX fuel cell vehicles to the state of New York, which will be a test of the fuel cell’s ability to start in temperatures below freezing. Use of newly developed aromatic electrolyte membranes greatly improves durability and allows for power generation at temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to +203 degrees Fahrenheit. The state will lease the 2005 model FCX vehicles for a period of two years, with delivery of the first vehicle scheduled to take place in December and the second vehicle in mid-2005. In addition to its sub freezing operation qualities, the 2005 FCX has increased range and performance and a 50-percent reduction in the number of component parts.
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