North Carolina Kicks Off First Green Power Program

Agreements were recently awarded to North Carolina’s first renewable energy producers in the NC GreenPower program, a landmark renewable energy program that provides cleaner energy options for the state. Energy for the program will be generated from the sun, wind, small hydro, methane gas and agricultural waste, all of which are cleaner sources of energy and are replenished by nature. All energy generated for the NC GreenPower program will be produced in North Carolina for the state’s power supply.

Raleigh, North Carolina – June 24, 2004 [] In addition to working to protect the environment, the program also supports a more stable energy and economic future for the state. “This program is important for North Carolina because it encourages the development of technologies that can harness energy sources that will provide cleaner and renewable energy options for homes and businesses throughout the state,” said Robert K. Koger, president of NC GreenPower. “This type of energy provides a more stable future for North Carolina’s environment, economy and energy.” Producers were selected from responses to a request for proposals (RFP) and qualifications process. All energy proposed for generation in the program will come from resources in the state. All of the state’s electric utilities are working with NC GreenPower and its producers to make the renewable energy available for North Carolina’s power supply. NC GreenPower is the state’s first program, and the nation’s first multi-utility program, that encourages the development of technology to transform renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, and biomass sources into safe and environmentally sustainable power. Powering homes and businesses in North Carolina, NC GreenPower operates by using voluntary contributions from residential and business consumers. The NC GreenPower program was approved by the N.C. Utilities Commission in January 2003 and began accepting contributions on July 28, 2003. To date, the program is averaging 17 million kWh annually. The program is made possible by contributions. Residential and business consumers alike may sign up for the program by visiting Because of NC GreenPower’s nonprofit status, all contributions are tax deductible.
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