Nissan Promotes Solar to Electric Vehicle Owners in Japan

Nissan Motor Co. in the New Year is promoting free solar panel installations for owners of the company’s new electric-powered LEAF in Japan.

The 100-percent electric LEAF was released in September, and the company said its joint campaign with solar provider Ecosystem Japan aims to promote the use of clean energy to power the electric vehicle.

According to Nissan, new LEAF owners who sign up for Ecosystem’s “personal electricity” plan will qualify for free installation of a solar power generation system. LEAF owners also get a discount on a plan called the Daytime Assist Plan. Participants of the plan are encouraged to charge their LEAFs during the day using electricity from their solar panels, or at night when demand for grid power is low.

The link between electric vehicles and solar has been popularized by Tesla, which purchased solar provide SolarCity last year and dropped door-to-door solar sales in order to launch showrooms for electric vehicles, solar power systems and energy storage systems. Tesla launched its New York showroom in December. 

Lead image: Nissan LEAF. Credit: Nissan

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