Nissan Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Wins Approval

December 16, 2003 [] Japan’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport approved Nissan Motor Company’s 2003 model X-TRAIL FCV for public use on Japanese Roads. As a result, Nissan now plans to launch limited leasing of the hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle (FCV). Following the approval of the 2002 model X-TRAIL FCV last year, Nissan conducted repeated driving tests of the vehicle on public roads in Japan. In addition to using the data obtained in those public road tests to make various improvements, Nissan has also equipped this 2003 model of the X-TRAIL FCV with a host of new technologies to enhance its performance. The 2003 model X-TRAIL FCV is fitted with a motor that generates maximum power of approximately 85 kW, about 1.5 times more power than the 2002 model, enabling the vehicle to deliver powerful driving performance. The driving cruising range has also been extended 1.75 times to more than 350 km. The increase was accomplished by adopting Nissan’s Compact Lithium-ion Battery and a fuel cell stack. This battery also contributes to an improvement in interior space efficiency as a result of adopting a thin, laminated cell in place of the conventional cylindrical cell.
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