New York Announces New Funding for Renewables

The New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA) announced $8.5 million in funding opportunities for renewable energy projects in the state. The funding covers nearly every renewable energy technology and would help fund new manufacturing operations or business development within state borders.

The following funding opportunities are open for application: — Renewable Energy Technology Manufacturing Incentive Program (to establish manufacturing facilities for renewable products) – $4 million available. Due: June 1, 2006. – PON 959. This competitive program provides performance-based financial support to companies that want to expand the manufacturing of renewable energy technologies in New York State. — Renewable Energy Technology Options Program (to develop renewable products) – $2.5 Million available. Due: May 23, 2006 – PON 945. This program is designed to share the risk of early stage technology and product development, for example, technology development, prototype construction, demonstration and manufacturing improvements. — Renewable Energy Business Development (to assist renewable energy businesses) – $2 Million available. Due May 3, 2006 – PON 949. NYSERDA seeks proposals from companies located in or wishing to locate in New York that will result in new or expanded business in the state to assemble, install, distribute, manufacture, sell and/or service electric renewable energy technologies including photovoltaics (PV), wind power, hydro power, electric energy from waste heat, biomass and biogas, and associated “enabling” technologies such as storage batteries, ultra capacitors, inverters and power conversion devices. The technologies must be in commercial or near commercial stages.
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