New Storage Battery for Solar and Wind

Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and Cleantech Ventures have invested in technology start-up Smart Storage Pty Ltd to develop and commercialize battery-based storage solutions for renewable energy.

The Smart Storage battery is an attempt to solve the current shortcomings in battery storage solutions for renewables. The new technology is a hybrid battery that combines an asymmetric supercapacitor electrode and a lead-acid battery in a single unit cell. It is expected that the discharge and charge power of the Smart Storage battery will be 50 percent higher and its cycle-life at least three times longer than that of the conventional lead-acid counterpart.

“Most importantly, our technology development path is directed towards manufacturing in existing lead-acid battery plants,” said Andrew Pickering, a Principal at Cleantech Ventures. “Too often new technologies simply aren’t affordable and that significantly retards market uptake.”
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