New Solar Inverter Designed for Residential Interconnection

A new inverter will be put on the market this summer to facilitate the interconnection of solar PV systems to the electricity grid.

ARLINGTON, Washington, US, 2001-05-07 <> Xantrex Technology Inc. will introduce its ‘Sun Tie XR(tm)’ on July 1. The new unit features a ‘Sun Sweep(tm) Maximum Power Point Tracking’ to adjust the output of the solar array in real time to ensure optimum power production. Inverters are an enabling technology that increases the use of green power and distributed generation, by converting raw DC electric energy created by solar and wind power and fuel cells into the AC voltage used by residential appliances. Grid interactive products enable customers to use independent power or DG while maintaining a grid tie so that excess power can be sold back to the utility. “That means that sometimes the electric meter runs backwards and power costs can be cut dramatically,” says Ron Pitt of Xantrex. Nearly half the states in the U.S., including California, have net-metering legislation that requires utilities to purchase electricity that is generated by a homeowner. The Sun Tie XR qualifies for incentives offered by many states. The California Energy Commission offers rebates of up to 50 percent or $3 per watt for solar and renewable systems installed by residential customers. “The Trace Sun Tie XR Series inverter connects the power of the sun to your electric meter … to reduce peak demands and the subsequent potential for rolling blackouts,” explains Pitt. The growing acceptance of grid-tie products is due to the emergence of nationally recognized industry standards, which have virtually eliminated barriers to the widespread use of solar and other renewable energy sources on the public power grid. “Certification to these standards is significant because it guarantees compatibility of our grid interactive products with the utility infrastructure,” explains Pitt. The Sun Tie XR inverter positions all electrical connection points inside the product’s case, and is certified to comply with industry standards for grid tie operation. Xantrex is a private company that manufactures advanced power electronics to handle up to 1 MW in capacity. It has $115 million in revenue from products sold under the Trace, Statpower, Heart, and Xantrex brands.

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