New Solar Charger from Better Energy

Better Energy Systems released its Solio Hybrid 1000 at the end of last month. The solar charger has the ability to power a myriad of mobile devices; including mobile phones, PDAs, music players, digital cameras, GPS systems and game consoles. The universally compatible power source not only can be energized by the sun, it can be plugged into a USB port of any computer for recharging its Lithium Ion battery.


Additional features of the Better Energy Systems Hybrid1000 include:

  — Charge mobile devices without the need for a power outlet

  — 5-Watt output charges virtually any hand-held device

  — 6 Volt 100mA solar panel generates energy from the sun

  — Internal Lithium Ion battery stores power for up to 1 year

   — USB cord allows for charge from personal computer

  — Dimensions: 198mm x 68mm x 18mm

  — Durable, weatherproof and lightweight design

  — MSRP – $79.00

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