New Partnership Promotes 100-kW Wind Energy Option

Customers in the northeastern U.S. can opt for with a cost-effective 100-kilowatt (kW) wind turbine to power their small business, farm, school or municipal projects with wind energy.

The offering is a result of a new partnership between Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc. (SED), a wind power project developer in Upstate New York, and Northern Power Systems (NPS), a wind turbine manufacturer in Vermont. “We’ve been searching for a dependable wind turbine to meet the needs of many businesses and organizations in this region that fall between the small-scale homeowner and large industrial power consumers,” said Kevin Schulte, SED Consulting VP. Using NPS’s NorthWind100 turbines, SED can now offer a highly reliable, economically beneficial, renewable energy source for moderate sized applications. The American-made NorthWind100, is a 100-kW wind turbine that has been engineered to provide onsite power generation. This wind turbine builds on NPS’ experience in harsh, off-grid wind power applications and experience in distributed, grid-tied power generation. The design lends itself to all-weather maintenance, lower operating costs and seamless connection to the North American electric grid.


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