New Onboard Hydrogen Production Presented

[] Engineuity R&D Ltd. has developed a technology for onboard hydrogen production for vehicles that the company claims make concerns about safety, fuel distribution and storage irrelevant. A modified internal combustion engine can be powered by a continuous flow of hydrogen and steam under full pressure, temperature and power control using a light metal wire made of aluminium or magnesium, water and a special conversion unit. The spent light metal oxide that is separated can be sent back to the factory for electrochemical recycling. The company, which states that the technology ensures that CO2 will not be released into the atmosphere, is currently working on the integration of its production unit with a modified engine. The company said outcomes have the potential for engine performance identical to that of an existing petrol-powered vehicle. The volume required for containing the metal wire is similar to the volume required for petrol; however its weight will be three times greater.
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