New Inverter/Charger from Xantrex

Xantrex Technology is introducing a new inverter/charger for off-grid homes and backup power systems.

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 22, 2003 [] The Xantrex Sine Wave Plus Inverter/Charger (SW Plus) is available in 24 and 48-volt versions with a continuous power output of 2.5 kW. It has a suggested list price of US$2,299.00. Designed to provide homes with a completely independent power supply, the inverter/charger combines an inverter, battery charger and transfer switch in one package. The SW Plus provides AC power for household appliances and DC power to charge batteries. As part of an off-grid renewable power system, it converts all forms of Renewable Energy into utility grade household power. The SW Plus can also be used as part of a backup power system to automatically provide AC power when utility power fails. For supplementary power either on or off the grid, the inverter/charger can be programmed to automatically start and stop a generator, based on user needs. According to Ezra Auerbach, product manager for the SW Plus, the new inverter/charger was field tested for more than 35,000 hours before being released for sale and received excellent reviews from beta testers. “The unit has been working flawlessly since installation,” said Debbie Robertson, of the Renewable Energy Development Institute (REDI), who participated in field testing for the SW Plus. “We have had no problem running our washer, microwave and espresso maker simultaneously. As a general rule, we have one to three PCs running in the house at the same time without a hitch. It just hasn’t had any problems running any loads we’ve demanded of it.” Robertson has lived off-grid for more than twenty years. The SW Plus is programmable to operate in stand-alone, generator-hybrid, utility management, or backup power modes. With storable program settings (flash memory), simple three-level menus, and plug-and-play expandability, it is easy to install and configure an independent power system. With the ability to surge to almost four times its rated capacity, the SW Plus can start high power loads such as deep well pumps and compressors. In areas where utility power is available, the SW Plus is used in its advanced utility management mode, to take advantage of time-of-day utility rate options.


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