New Inverter Available for Distributed Generation

A Canadian company has started to deliver a 5 kilowatt inverter for use by fuel cells and solar electric facilities.

CALGARY, Alberta, CA, 2001-08-17 [] A Canadian company has started to deliver a 5 kilowatt inverter for use by fuel cells and solar electric facilities. Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. is delivering the first units for initial evaluations, and it says it has received requests for the unit from electrical and telecommunications companies in Europe and North America. The inverter is a key component of the firm’s power conditioning and energy management system (PCEMS) for distributed generation markets. PCEMS incorporates patented power conversion technologies both for grid-connected DG applications, as well as for off-grid systems. “We have executed on our strategy to establish alliances with leading fuel cell companies that we believe will enable us to gain a significant share of that market as it matures,” says president and CEO Michael Carten. “However, there is an immediate and very substantial demand for inverters and energy management systems with our power rating in the rapidly growing solar electric market, especially in California.” “We are in discussions with a number of large solar electric manufacturers and systems aggregators that we hope will lead to conditional sales orders for delivery in the early part of 2002,” he adds. “This market has been growing at annual rate of 35% over the past three years, and the growth rate for 2001 is expected to exceed that level by a considerable margin.” In addition to the demand for inverters, more than 70 percent of grid-connected solar PV installations in California specify battery backup, and the company says its energy management system is uniquely suited to meet this market. “There are only a handful of inverter suppliers at this power rating, such as Trace (Xantrex), Inverpower (Satcon) and SMA addressing these markets, and this is an excellent opportunity in which to enter a consolidating marketplace with a strong competitive product.” Sustainable Energy is also involved in in wind energy and has completed development of a medium scale light-weight vertical axis wind turbine called the Chinook, with a capacity from 75 to 300 kW. The Chinook turbine is designed to optimize the vertical axis design for small grid and off-grid markets found in remote areas and throughout the developing world.
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