New Hydrogen Fueling Station for California

Stuart Energy Systems Corporation unveiled its latest “intelligent” hydrogen fueling station recently in California. The California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) selected Stuart Energy to provide the first satellite hydrogen fueling station to supply hydrogen fuel to vehicles of the CaFCP, extending the driving range of these vehicles beyond their home base in Sacramento.

Richmond, California – October 31, 2002 [] The station will be located in the community of Richmond at the Richmond Operating Division of AC Transit, an associate member of the CaFCP. This will be the first time the CaFCP will use water electrolysis to generate hydrogen fuel on-site for its vehicles. The advantages of these distributed hydrogen generation systems is that they are convenient, easy to install and available immediately, said the company. With the addition of this Stuart Energy satellite station located about 70 miles southwest of Sacramento, CaFCP vehicles will now have greater driving range and easy access to the San Francisco Bay Area. “This station is important for us and for the future of hydrogen fuel,” said Jon Slangerup, President and CEO of Stuart Energy said. “Lack of a hydrogen fueling infrastructure is commonly cited as a challenge to the introduction of fuel cell vehicles. Stations such as this are directly addressing this challenge. Stuart Energy’s hydrogen fueling products are cost-effective, clean, convenient and available today. This station is a critical first step that could ultimately form the foundation of a hydrogen-fueling infrastructure for emission-free hydrogen-powered vehicles.” AC Transit General Manager Rick Fernandez underscored the significance of the station to AC Transit’s hydrogen fuel cell bus development program. “AC Transit begins an exciting new chapter in its 42-year history with the opening of this hydrogen fueling station at our Richmond Operating Division. As an organization of 2,400 people, we have chosen to take a leading role in the development of a technology that has innumerable environmental benefits for the communities we serve and our planet’s fragile ecosystem. We are proud to be members of the California Fuel Cell Partnership and to join cooperatively with Stuart Energy and other members of the Partnership in a determined effort to prove to the world the value of hydrogen and fuel cells.” “This is a key achievement for the partnership this year – to be able to extend the test-drive range of our fuel cell vehicles beyond the Sacramento area, and to learn about potential fueling infrastructure technologies through real-world experience,” said Don Huberts, CaFCP Chairman and CEO, Shell Hydrogen. Ceremonies featured a demonstration of quick and easy fueling of four fuel cell cars manufactured by DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Hyundai, and Toyota, before a crowd of several hundred people from the Richmond community, public officials and CaFCP. The station’s 47 kg of hydrogen storage is capable of supplying the fueling needs of a small fleet of vehicles on a daily basis. The entire integrated station consists of a high-pressure, high-purity hydrogen generator, a storage unit, and a hydrogen fuel dispenser that resembles a common gasoline dispenser. To fuel a vehicle, the driver simply swipes a “smart” card to activate the dispenser, and attaches the nozzle to their vehicle’s tank. The computer controls the amount and pressure of hydrogen that is dispensed and automatically shuts off when the tank is full. The entire procedure closely resembles today’s consumer gasoline fueling procedure. The station is the eighth Stuart Energy hydrogen fueling station installed in North America, and the fourth in California.
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