New Geothermal Energy Project in Halifax to Use Cold Energy Storage

Ottawa, Ontario Mayor Peter J. Kelly announced the start of construction on the Alderney 5 Advanced Geothermal Energy Project in Dartmouth, NS. The Alderney 5 project is a CAN$3.0-million energy-efficiency retrofit of five buildings on the Dartmouth waterfront that are owned by the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

The project includes the first large-scale application of geothermal cold energy storage. The geothermal borehole energy storage system features a new design of borehole heat exchanger that will be used in a field consisting of 100 holes, 600 feet deep. Cold energy harvested from the adjacent seawater during winter months chills the rock mass underground. This stored energy can then be used to meet peak air conditioning needs, eliminating the need for a supplementary cooling system.

“We need energy to power our economy, and we need clean energy to protect our environment – that’s a priority for our government and the foundation of our practical, balanced approach to climate change,” said the Gary Lunn, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. “By investing in ground breaking projects like this one, we are making sure that clean, renewable power will form an increasingly important part of our energy mix for the future, in Canada and worldwide.”


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