New Fuel Cell Charger for Cell Phones

Electric Fuel Corporation the world’s leading zinc-air fuel cell company will be launching a new line of Instant Power Mini-Chargers for cell phones, aimed at competing with lower performance alkaline based emergency chargers.

New York, New York – July 26, 2002 [] The new Mini-Charger will be launched this quarter, initially in the UK and later in the US. With Electric Fuel’s zinc air fuel cell technology , the US$9.95 (MSRP) Mini-Charger will outperform any other disposable charger currently on the market, according to the company. The Instant Power Mini-Charger comes fully charged and ready-to-use. It plugs directly into the cell phone and charges it, providing up to 4 hours of talk time, even where no electricity is available. With its high capacity, the Mini-Charger serves as a perfect emergency tool for anyone who spends any time at all away from home, school or office. The Mini-Charger is lightweight and convenient – the user simply pulls the tab to expose the zinc fuel cell to air and plugs it directly into the phone. Oxygen from the air activates the patented zinc fuel cells and starts charging the cell phone’s battery instantly, allowing the user to place and receive calls on the go. “With the new Mini-Charger we are going after a market that wants the convenience and safety of emergency power but is looking for an attractive price tag to go with it,” said Electric Fuel President and CEO Yehuda Harats. For this market we are now offering an eye-catching, high quality, top performance device at an attractive US$9.95 retail price – all the ingredients to make it the leader in the category.” (Nasdaq: EFCX)
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