New Electrical Generator for Renewable Energy Systems

Xantrex Technology Inc. released the PowerHub 1800, a rechargeable backup power system that collects and stores electricity from renewable energy systems. The generator can also be recharged through the electrical grid. The PowerHub is an alternative to generators that run on gasoline or diesel. It provides 1800 watts of continuous power from four external AC outlets. The device can connect to solar panels or small wind turbines, or it can be plugged into an ordinary wall outlet. Because it runs on electricity, it is quiet and can be used indoors. The PowerHub is currently available in Canada for a suggested retail price of CDN $899. The product will be launched in the United States in 2007.

When you’re not grid connected, find yourself in a power outage or the pass through power from a generator stops, the PowerHub 1800’s automatic transfer switch ensures seamless transfer of your electrical loads to your backup battery bank. The high power, dependable PowerHub 1800 enables you to run appliances such as a microwave, a fridge, a coffee maker and you can also run multiple loads simultaneously. With this automatic and reliable backup power supply in your home or cottage, the PowerHub offers you peace of mind. The PowerHub 1800’s versatile and practical design provides you with the option to either hardwire AC through your home or cottage or use one of the four AC outlets located on the PowerHub itself. The modular design of the PowerHub 1800 enables you to add more battery capacity to your backup power system if needed, so that you can access power for the longer periods of time. ONLY AVAILABLE AT CANADIAN TIRE
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