New 3-Phase Commercial Inverter from Solectria Renewables

Solectria Renewables introduces a new 15kW AC output, 208, 240 and 480VAC 3-phase commercial inverter. The inverter has a peak efficiency of 95.8% and a CEC efficiency of 94.5% (480VAC). The highly integrated inverter is ideal for 15-50kW commercial PV systems. With a compliment of standard features assembled and tested as a system at the factory, installation of the inverter (and Balance of System portion of the grid-tied PV system) is simplified, thus reducing installed system cost. The inverter has already been chosen for use in PV systems across the United States by several leading PV system design and installation companies such as Solar Design Associates, Spire Corporation, Solar Works, Inc., Sunlight Solar Energy and Nexgen Energy Solutions.

For product specifications see the data sheet linked below.
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