Nasdaq & Clean Edge Introduce Smart Grid Infrastructure Index

The Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. and Clean Edge Inc. announced the introduction of the Nasdaq OMX Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure IndexSM (Nasdaq: QGRD), a new benchmark for the smart grid and electric infrastructure sector. The index is a modified market-capitalization index and includes companies that are primarily involved in electric grid, electric meters, devices and networks, energy storage and management and enabling software used by the smart grid and electric infrastructure sector.

“This index brings sharper focus to an industry that is transforming our nation’s energy grid, an extremely significant endeavor that will help shape our nation’s future,” said John Jacobs Nasdaq OMX’s executive vice president. “Investors, thanks to this index, can now easily track companies that are working diligently to help fully implement an energy grid that is more efficient, cleaner and resilient.”

The index is the latest in the line of renewable energy and cleantech-themed indexes created by Nasdaq OMX and its partners and is calculated in real-time across the combined exchanges and is disseminated by Nasdaq OMX in U.S. Dollars. The index started calculation this week with a value of 250.00. It is currently comprised of companies that are screened by Clean Edge.

“Our current electric grid is dated and deteriorating,” said Ron Pernick, Clean Edge co-founder and managing director. “To keep up with energy demand and meet modern energy needs, the next evolution in our electric grid will include the embedding of smart meters, controls, and networks to make the grid more intelligent and the introduction of a two-way flow of electrons and energy storage to enable better integration of renewable power and energy efficiency. This build-out is already under way and offers an unprecedented opportunity to reshape the way energy is generated, stored, transmitted, and delivered.”

Clean Edge partnered with Nasdaq in 2006 to roll out a Clean Energy Index.


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