MTC and Glyndwr Work to Harvest More Renewable Energy

Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC), a manufacturer of ceramic, glass, precious metal, piezoelectric and dielectric materials, announced that it has entered into a Shorter Knowledge Transfer Partnership (sKTP) project with Glynd?r University. MTC and Glynd?r University will work together to design and build an energy harvesting demonstration system that will provide a renewable source of energy. The 26-week project will pioneer research in energy harvesting.

MTC will utilize its expertise in piezoelectric ceramics to create a system based on piezoelectric devices connected to a mat that will collect and store energy from footfall for reuse.  The project will specifically look at how to best match the electronics to the piezoceramic to develop more efficient energy harvesters.

The company is working with academics at Glynd?r University to prove this alternative energy source by constructing a proof of concept prototype.  MTC turned to the University for help in computer aided design (CAD), Finite Element Analysis, electrical power systems, power electronics and PCB design, which are essential for this new application area. 

“Industries are under increased pressure to find alternative renewable energy sources and to improve energy efficiency,” says Dr Ashley Darby, Business Manager – Piezo Shapes, MTC.  “By carrying out this sKTP in collaboration with Glynd?r University, we can share our knowledge and expertise to innovate and identify opportunities for energy harvesting utilizing piezoelectric ceramics”

sKTPs, which are part-funded by the Government, enable companies such as MTC to gain access to qualified people and experts within the UK’s universities to help take an organization forward and work in new areas.  Through undertaking this sKTP both organizations can promote practical usage of alternative energies.

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