Millenium Cell Hydrogen System Tested

Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen on Demand(TM) fuel system got its first public road test inside DaimlerChrysler’s new Chrysler Town and Country Natrium(TM) clean energy vehicle recently.

LOS ANGELES, California – April 19, 2002 [] Millennium Cell’s system, provides a safe, environmentally-friendly fuel in which hydrogen is carried in the chemical bonds of sodium borohydride. The Natrium, named for the Latin word for sodium, was road tested by individuals in the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles and will be on the road in San Diego soon. “The founding mission of Millennium Cell was to develop a system that was responsive to the needs and wants of the consumer for space, comfort, convenience and safety,” said Dr. Stephen Tang, Millennium Cell President and CEO. “Our hydrogen system does that. It is gratifying to see it on the road this week after 18 months of development.” “The key to Natrium is the fuel,” said Thomas Moore, Vice President, DaimlerChrysler’s Liberty & Technical Affairs research and development group. “It runs on a fuel system which is in some ways better than gasoline today.” Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen on Demand(TM) system uses sodium borohydride to produce a completely safe hydrogen fuel, dubbed Freedom Fuel(TM), based on abundant natural products found here in the United States. “In light of world events, this fuel is more important now than even when we started collaborating,” said Moore. This fuel system gives the Natrium a range of 300 miles, significantly longer than any fuel cell vehicle shown to date, according to the company. In addition, the vehicle has zero emissions — no greenhouse gas or smog-forming compounds are produced by the vehicle.


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