Milestone Reached Hydrogen Back-up Power Systems Project

Stuart Energy Systems Corporation said recently that it has successfully achieved, on schedule, the second of three milestones in its project with Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited (CKI) of Hong Kong to develop and supply Hydrogen Back-up Power Systems (H2BPS) for the Hong Kong and Asia Pacific marketplace.

Toronto, Canada – September 26, 2002 [] Jon Slangerup, President and CEO of Stuart Energy, said the milestone was achieved with the demonstration and initial testing of the alpha prototype H2BPS installed at Stuart Energy’s head office in Mississauga, Ontario. The Stuart Energy H2BPS is designed to replace polluting fossil fuel- powered gensets with emission-free hydrogen systems. A H2BPS integrates three key components: a hydrogen generation system, storage, and a genset powered by a hydrogen internal-combustion engine or a fuel cell engine. The H2BPS can produce hydrogen during off-peak hours, using low cost electricity. During a power failure, the H2BPS converts stored hydrogen into electricity to provide emergency power for elevators, lighting, fire control systems, computers and other essential systems. With the addition of a fuelling dispenser, the same H2BPS becomes a fuel station for hydrogen-powered vehicles. When connected to the grid, the H2BPS can also supply electricity to the grid during peak periods. When linked to renewable electricity, such as wind, solar or hydro, the H2BPS becomes a totally “green” solution. The alpha H2BPS will provide back-up power to Stuart Energy’s headquarters and will be publicly demonstrated at the grand opening of Stuart Energy’s headquarters later this year.
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