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Massachusetts startup crowdfunding short-term energy storage technology

Helix Power Corporation is seeking seed capital from investors to advance its patented flywheel short-term energy storage technology.

Microgrids must be a part of the decentralization of electricity

The world should recognize and push for microgrids, and federations of microgrids, as the topology of the electricity infrastructure of the future.

August sizzle: POWERGEN+, POWERGRID webcasts hot on decentralized energy, T&D

From T&D to on-site power and distributed energy, the webcasts take the temperature of the state of power transmission and generation at its most advanced stages.

Energy Storage, Clean Power associations planning merger to strengthen U.S. renewable energy unity

The U.S. Energy Storage Association intends to merge with the American Clean Power Association in a move to spearhead transformative growth for renewable energies.
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Renewable energy-based microgrid in Patagonia to use iron flow battery

Long-duration iron flow battery manufacturer ESS Inc announced a new contract with Chilean utility, Edelaysen, a GRUPO SAESA company, to provide a flow battery system to support a renewable energy-based microgrid in Chile. Edelaysen will...

Mississippi Power building 1.5-MW solar, 5-MWh energy storage combo site

State utility regulators have approved plans by Mississippi Power to develop and build its first-ever stand-alone solar energy and battery storage system. The Mississippi Public Service Commission signed off on the utility’s project to construct...

Solar-powered remote grid will help California utility customers stay powered up during fire season

The first operational remote grid for California’s largest investor-owned utility will be made up of an integrated solar, battery, and generator system. If it works, the plan will be to roll out several hundred more across the state.

New energy storage deployment topped record 3,500 MWh in 2020, ESA report shows

Energy storage installation grew nearly 200 percent and totaled an all-time operational record in fourth quarter 2020, according to a new report. The report released by analytics and research firm Wood MacKenzie and the U.S....

Enel X and Eaton partner for solar + storage microgrid in Puerto Rico

Yesterday, Enel X and Eaton announced plans to develop a solar + storage microgrid at Eaton’s Puerto Rico-based Arecibo plant, which manufactures circuit breakers. The microgrid will enable Eaton to reduce its carbon footprint and...

Another California winery invests in a solar + storage microgrid for resiliency and clean...

With wildfires and public safety power shutoffs, it’s not that surprising to learn that California wineries are eyeing microgrids as a way to boost their sustainability intiatives and also become more resilient. EDF Renewables North...