Medis Technologies Announces Significant Advances in Fuel Cell Technology

Medis Technologies Ltd. has achieved important advances in the performance of its Direct Liquid Ethanol (Methanol) Fuel Cell (DLEF) relating to energy capacity and operating time.

NEW YORK, New York – May 10, 2002 [Solar] In laboratory tests, the Medis fuel cell, with an all inclusive size of 20 cubic centimeters (20cc), operated at 0.5 volts for 10,000 milliampere hours continuously for 24 hours on a single fueling. The fuel cell demonstrated an energy capacity of 250 watt hours per kilogram of weight. “These performance characteristics are superior to the actual performance of lithium ion batteries used in portable electronic devices,” said Robert K. Lifton, Chairman and CEO of Medis. “The Medis fuel cell already demonstrates sufficient energy capacity and operating time to meet the requirements of our planned fuel cell Power Pack which is designed to operate as a secondary power source for charging a cell phone or other portable device such as a PDA, even while it is in use, as if it were plugged into the wall socket. The company expects their final product to perform even better than these new specifications and has set a year-end target to achieve 400Wh/kg – 450Wh/kg. They also seek to complete engineering of their fuel and electrolyte replacement cartridge and the engineering design of their final fuel cell product, including the DC to DC converter. The company is now in a position to engage in discussions with electronic device manufacturers about developing fuel cells for use with their products as well as with lithium ion battery makers and others regarding the manufacture and distribution of the Medis fuel cell.
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