Mass Storage Key to Future of Renewables

The vanadium-based Flow Battery from VRB Power Systems, Inc. is proving that mass storage for intermittent resources such as wind and solar is achievable, according to the company’s CEO Tim Hennessy.

“It’s been the engineer’s dream for many years to be able to catch the lightning bolt — to catch large amounts of power and to store it,” said Hennessy, speaking on’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast. The Flow Battery, said Hennessy, is one of the answers to that dream. The solar and wind industries are often criticized for their inability to store huge amounts of electricity. But the Flow Battery is changing that. VRB Power recently signed a deal with Tapbury Management to supply a 1.5-megawatt (MW) storage system for the Sorne Hill wind farm in Donegal, Ireland. Eventually, Tapbury will scale its order to a 6 MW storage system, said Hennessy. Want to learn about how the Flow Battery works? Listen to the Inside Renewable Energy podcast, linked below.
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