How Will We Manage Demand on the Smart Grid?

Actively managing and reducing demand on the customer side of the meter is an important part of the smart grid. But installing an intelligent metering infrastructure is just the first step. Developing engaging applications, working through changes in the utility-customer relationship and addressing data security issues are all part of the process. In this podcast, we’ll address a range of issues that will inevitably come up as we manage demand on the smart grid.

EnerNOC CEO Tim Healy describes the potential evolution of smart-grid applications that will piggyback on the hardware being rolled out all over the world.

Tendril CEO Adrian Tuck talks about the need for openness in order to stimulate maximum innovation in the advanced meter space.

eMeter CEO Cree Edwards addresses the ethical and security problems that could grow with an increase in energy information.

Fat Spaniel Technologies President Chris Beekhuis outlines the new generation of solar energy monitoring applications, which will more easily integrate into other demand-side management applications for a range of buildings.

And GridWise Alliance President Katherine Hamilton talks about the need for constructive debate about the smart grid in order to better educate policymakers about what new technologies can offer consumers.

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