Making of Power Plant from Renewable Energy, For a Green Energy & an Alternate Energy Source



In Bhutan, there are many stream water outlets which provide a strong potential for a good source of Renewable Energy. The water flows 24 hours a day and so far, it is uncommon for these potential to be utilized as a source of power. Potential energy from the elevated stream water is converted to kinetic energy and electrical energy as it flows down through turbines driving electrical generators. 

It means stream water flow will transform mechanical energy from the spinning turbine to electrical energy via a generator. Whatever electrical energy is produced from water generator will be stored in batteries housed, from which the energy may then be exported to the end users depending on their need.

It starts with the present. Everything we hear nowadays is going “green”. Even our country Bhutan is the one who is taking part in the future renewable energy development and to be completely honest, “It’s not that easy being green”.

There is one disturbing fact that people are slowly beginning to realize that we can’t depend on fossil fuels for our energy forever. Oil or fuel prices are sky- rocketing around the world.  People are fighting and dying over oil and gas reserves. The damage to our planet and our climate is irreversible and is becoming more and more apparent day by day. But shortly, chances are that if we don’t do something about our energy situation now, our kids and their kids are going to have to face some extremely difficult challenges in the future. But what can we do? It seems that most alternative energy choices are too expensive to the mass market. As an individual, is there really anything we can do to make a difference? We’ll look at some of things we can start doing right now, today, to do our part in solving ours and the world’s energy crisis.

It is also known that, in a world of terrorism, wars, unemployment, renewable energy can change the way many of us live for the better and even gas prices may be lowered. In creating new renewable energy plants and developing the renewable energy industry, jobs will be created. By making your home energy efficient, particularly through solar or water or wind power, the largest of the renewable energy categories, you can save on your monthly utility bills.

Renewable energy pertains to reliable and affordable energy generated from natural resources, like water, wind, solar and many others. They are termed renewable because they cannot be depleted and are naturally replenished.

My goal on this article is to give you reliable information on some common forms of alternative energy sources available which can be developed to a practical and effective system to harness the energy, where they can be successfully implemented integrating to existing power plant in ON or OFF-Grid.

My emphasis will be on small scale energy production and its application. Once the energy is ready from power plant I will show some example in application how to utilize 12V DC source. Further, we will also see that beyond 12V DC supply source level, how normal domestic AC supply source can be used out of it at the large scale. I want very home owners to actually be able to produce their own energy from whatever renewable energy source they have available and use it fully to their satisfactions as it has lots of advantages especially to rural areas.

Besides that it helps in energy security of the country and results positive impact to environmental conservation. I will provide how-it-works descriptions along with its applications and some necessary guidance on how to lay out the equipements in order if you do want to begin generating power yourself and utilize from renewable energy sources as an Alternative Energy power supply. 


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I am Electrical Engineer. I am very much interested in Renewable Energy and in the process of studying on it which involves Solar, Water and Wind. It is my hope and determination to help little bit to fight Global Warming before it is too late to experience the real disaster in this turning world of Sadness. So please share with me for the future betterment of this world.

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